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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer, she is a-comin'

With Greg ever so busy with training so far this spring, Kaelin and I have had a lot of "just the girls" things goin' on. But, so far the weather this spring has been less than desirable...that is until this weekend - YAY! K and I just knew that we had to spend some time out in the ever elusive sun while we had the chance. I first thought about going to Salt Creek (a staple in our outdoor repertoire) since the tide was something like -3 feet...but an injury to my foot threw that out the window (insert sad face here). What was there to do that didn't involve too much walking? In the words of the Super Sleuths, "think, think, think!" Besides a scenic drive in the county (not too suitable for a 3-year old), the only thing I could think of was...having the car slobbered on by some really HUGE animals at the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.

So, K and I bought 2 loaves of bread and headed out. The yaks were the first big animals that we came up to...and they had no issue with sticking their entire head in the car to get a slice of bread. Man, oh man, did those guys smell bad. The bears were my favorite - they do tricks for you! But by far, the scariest part was the American Bison! Right when you enter the park, there is a HUGE sign that says, "DO NOT FEED THE BUFFALO! They will charge your vehicle!" Having been a frequent visitor to the park, I already knew of this rule, so we were out of bread by the time we got to the bison. The people in front of us...not so much. They had 5 or 6 bison around each of their vehicles eating right out of their hands. So when it was our turn to drive past them, guess what they were expecting? BREAD!!!! And we had none. One of the big bulls got upset when I had my windows up all of the way and decided that he might like to nudge our car just a little (from the front and then from the rear after we had well passed them)! SCARY!!!

To our surprise, the park was having a fundraiser for their predator exhibit (to build new enclosures for the big cats and wolves) and that included face painting and bouncy houses!!! Kaelin nearly leaped out of her skin to get over there!

After nap time, it was still to nice out to not do anything. So out came the "Poor Man's Slip'n'Slide," aka a blue tarp and sprinkler, and the tricycle. K had a good 2 hours out playing in the sun.

This morning, we woke up to clouds and wind, but earlier in the week I had made plans with myself to go strawberry picking at Graysmarsh Farms. So K and I got up and dressed this morning and headed out. An hour and a half and 13 pounds later....K and I called it a day. It was much colder than yesterday and the wind was a-blowin', but summertime is ever so close. Now we're off to make some strawberry jam!



  1. Oh Elizabeth what wonderful memories you are making for Kaelin. It all sounds so fabulous. Except the part about the bison and the unobservant readers in the car in front of you. eeessshhhh

  2. Wow! Sounds like an exciting time!! Animals are so unpredictable. My grandkids loves the boncy playhouses too! Do you scrap? These pics would make some great pages!!
    hugs Karen

  3. Kaelin looks like she had the best times! Life is all about making memories and you and your daughter will be so Much closer for the experiences! I love the beauty of the peacock, the sound they make, I can live without...LOL
    Hugz, Pam

  4. I love your "slip n slide"! I grew up with a similar one, ohh memories :0)