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Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Up and Running

So, I finally took pictures of all of my goodies for my shop on There are mostly earrings on there for now, but I am making more bags, toys, clothes, shoes, and mobiles this next week. As the weather gets nicer, I find it harder and harder to sew...but if these goodies actually sell, then I guess I have a job to do!!!

These are the two bags that I have made so far...I have some corduroy ones on the table for this week. The bag on the left has a matching changing pad and both bags have 7 pockets.
These little shoes are my favorite though...They are made out of felt that I embroidered. They are so stinkin' cute!!!
I will keep you posted when I add new items to my store!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

So It Begins...

I guess I will start by introducing myself... I am Elizabeth, but as you get to know me, Beth is what I go by. I am a stay at home mom to a 3 year old little girl, Kaelin (hence the title of the Blog). I love to sew (both by hand and machine), scrapbook, stamp, paint, garden, and cook. Everything I know is self taught and I love to be inspired by the people and things around me. I am always on the lookout for new ways to do traditional crafts as well as great old school projects.

I started out mostly making things that revolved around my daughter. Before she was born, I started out by making baby blankets and crude diaper bags (I have never really liked using patterns). As I developed my technique, my creativity branched out. I started quilting, making baby clothes (dresses and cutesy girl stuff of course), toys, and better diaper bags. The older my daughter gets, the more "creations" I add to my repertoire.

One day, a friend of mine told said, "Gosh Beth, you could totally sell these!" Going off of that (and a little bit of encouragement from my husband) I decided to open my own storefront on I don't have anything posted on there yet, but I am taking pictures of what I have tomorrow so that I can get to selling. If it sells, great!!! If not, I am sure that I can find a ton of adorable friends who need an original from Kaelin's Closet.

So here I am, fixing to jump off of the cliff and into the world of handmade, crafty, goodness...let's get it on!!!

Pocket Full of Posies

I made some of the cutest little flowers the other day. I found this tutorial on a blog that I follow, Polka Dot Pineapple. When I saw them on her blog, I just knew I had to find a reason to make them (any reason would do). It just so happened that I have a friend who was renewing her vows with her husband, and I wanted to make a little something for them. I did jump the gun a little and made the bouquet and boutonniere before I talked to her about it...turns out that she didn't need them... ... ...

That was quite all right though. My daughter was in love with the posies that I made and was walking around the house telling me that she was getting married too (she is 3 and I think her dad would have just died if he had seen her). She went into her dress up box and put on her "wedding dress" and was being as graceful as a 3 year old can be. (picture to come)
It was the most precious thing I have ever seen. Thanks again for this and all of your great tutorials Lettie!!!