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Friday, April 23, 2010

So It Begins...

I guess I will start by introducing myself... I am Elizabeth, but as you get to know me, Beth is what I go by. I am a stay at home mom to a 3 year old little girl, Kaelin (hence the title of the Blog). I love to sew (both by hand and machine), scrapbook, stamp, paint, garden, and cook. Everything I know is self taught and I love to be inspired by the people and things around me. I am always on the lookout for new ways to do traditional crafts as well as great old school projects.

I started out mostly making things that revolved around my daughter. Before she was born, I started out by making baby blankets and crude diaper bags (I have never really liked using patterns). As I developed my technique, my creativity branched out. I started quilting, making baby clothes (dresses and cutesy girl stuff of course), toys, and better diaper bags. The older my daughter gets, the more "creations" I add to my repertoire.

One day, a friend of mine told said, "Gosh Beth, you could totally sell these!" Going off of that (and a little bit of encouragement from my husband) I decided to open my own storefront on I don't have anything posted on there yet, but I am taking pictures of what I have tomorrow so that I can get to selling. If it sells, great!!! If not, I am sure that I can find a ton of adorable friends who need an original from Kaelin's Closet.

So here I am, fixing to jump off of the cliff and into the world of handmade, crafty, goodness...let's get it on!!!

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