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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kaelin's Garden

Kaelin and I planted our container garden about a month ago. She is leaning about how seeds turn into plants, so we started everything from seed (besides the tomato and strawberries) so that she could see the whole process. Kaelin gets so excited when she walks up to one of the pots and sees seedlings growing...she says, "Look, look, look mom. They are growing up like me!"
I thought I would post some pictures of the start of our container journey
(I am used to and more comfortable with a traditional garden patch in my yard...but we're in a rental house that didn't have a spot already and I didn't want to put that effort into a rental house).

We've got our
Peas & Carrot
Lettuce & Tomato pots

Short and Sweet Carrots



Flat Leaf Parsley


I am looking forward to our harvest

and will keep you posted!

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