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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mom is Joining the 21st Century

I love my mom to death...
but she is not the most
tech-savvy person around.
The other day, she surprised me by
telling me that she bought a Kindle.
My mom is an avid reader, so it makes sense
to have whatever book she wants to read
in the palm of her hand.
I was just taken back by her techie-purchase.

So moving on,
I was skimming through the

and clicked on the blog of Christina in Vancouver, WA
She has a ton of free tutorials
and happened to have a tutorial for a Kindle Cover.
Needless to say, I had to make one
for my mom and surprise her with it.

On a little side note...
I had a great score at
Goodwill the other day.
I bought a picnic basket for $1.99.
I spent a little bit of time today
making a new liner for it and sprucing it up some...

Kaelin and I had a great picnic lunch at the park today!!!


  1. Great Kindle cover and what a find at the thrift store. I think I am a dinasour myself. I don't even have a cell phone!
    Your mom with love the cover.
    hugs Karen

  2. Love the colour of your Moms' kindle cover Beth....great work on the score of the week! Hugs Naomi

  3. Hi Beth!
    I love, love that kindle cover! Great idea and thanks for sharing that little gem.

    hugz, Pam