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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Three Girls

So, with Mother's Day coming up this weekend, my sister and I were conspiring to do something crafty for our mom. At Christmas, we had bought our mom a frame that was supposed to hold pictures from a photo shoot of all three girls, my Kaelin and her Haley and Aubrey. But higher powers had other plans, and my sister and her girls couldn't make it home for Christmas and the photo shoot was only done with my Kaelin. Now our mom has an empty picture frame just waiting to be filled with something of the girls'.

Being that we live in Washington and my sister lives in Texas, another photo shoot was definitely out. So my sis and I decided to make fabric silhouettes of the girls to fill our mom's empty picture frame.

I printed their names directly on the fabric strips (I was hoping it would work...and it did - YAY!). The silhouettes were picked out from photos that my sister emailed back and forth and then traced onto some iron-on adhesive. All three of the "girls" and their names are going to go into the 3-floating photo frame and finally fill the empty spaces. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!
I loved these so much though, that I made a silhouette of Kaelin for me and one of each of my sisters girls for her too. Then I made some for Grandmas and Great Grandmas! Once I figured out how I was going to do these, I was a silhouette making machine!


  1. Your silhouettes turned out great! And the girls are obviously real cuties!

  2. The silhouettes are really wonderful! So old fashioned too!!
    hugs Karen

  3. What perfect gifts! Love your blog. Off to look at your other one now.


  4. I love silhouettes, so classic yet new. Yours turned out so pretty!